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What equipment is needed in an outdoor customize playground?

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When choosing an outdoor customize playground, you will find that many different materials have been used in the structure. Customize your playground by choosing the surface and structural materials that suit your needs. The right playground materials are important when building or upgrading outdoor customize playgrounds, as your choice of materials can affect safety, durability, and appearance. The following will give you some tips for choosing.


lWhat needs to be considered when choosing the materials of the outdoor customize playground?


What needs to be considered when choosing the materials of the outdoor customize playground?

When choosing playground materials, consider the following key factors:

①purpose ②cost ③maintenance ④barrier-free ⑤aesthetic.


1.Playground Equipment Materials

Most commercial-grade rides are made of plastic, metal, wood, or a combination of these materials. Commercial-grade plastic rides are available in a variety of attractive colors, and while plastic is slightly less durable than metal, it is also safer if children fall. These characteristics make it an excellent material choice for an outdoor customize playground, a young playground user structure, and a stand-alone play station. If you’re looking for more environmentally friendly playground materials, consider using recycled plastic for rides.

A larger outdoor customize playground may be made of metal or wood, and high-flow equipment, such as slides, swings, and climbers at public playgrounds, is usually made of metal. Commercial-grade metal outdoor customize playground equipment is made of extremely durable steel and comes in a variety of bright color coatings. Due to its natural appearance and customizable nature, wood is a popular playground equipment material for residential playgrounds. Wooden toy sets can be easily reconfigured with fun add-ons and rearranged into new configurations.


2. Playground Surface Materials: Choose the best playground base materials

From loose fills to single surfaces, many types of playgrounds' surfacing can help protect children while playing.

Those who choose loosely filled surfaces must ensure that they are properly maintained for optimal safety. Standalone wear pads are often used in combination with these types of playground base materials. These rubber pads add an additional layer of protective insulation and prevent displacement of the loose filler material under the outdoor customize playground equipment. A single surface is a low maintenance but a more costly alternative to loose filling materials. Common single surface types include synthetic grass, rubber brick, and cast-in-place rubber.


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