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What is commercial indoor playground?

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In many large supermarkets there will be indoor playgrounds exist, many parents will take their children in to play and exercise. In this article, we will introduce commercial indoor playgrounds.

l What is commercial indoor playground?

l The company has all the indoor playground equipment.

What is commercial indoor playground?

A commercial indoor playground is an indoor playground that is integrated with a business.

Indoor children's playground children from the "children's experience-driven consumption" to the mall to bring huge customer flow and business opportunities, this consensus has been formed in the first-tier cities of the business community, including some second-tier cities of the large commercial body in the last two years there are a lot of children's indoor playground as a basic supporting facilities, the formation of a full experience, one-stop children's Consumption world, this model can greatly attract family-oriented consumer traffic, and in the children's experience time effectively increase the time parents stay in the mall, increase the frequency of consumption, and play a role in driving other business sales to improve. Some industry sources leak, in recent years, indoor children's playground has become the standard for most shopping malls, the purpose is to attract customer flow, drive the popularity of the mall, pull consumption.

In the opinion of parents, indoor children's playground probably have the following advantages: one is not affected by the weather, indoor playgrounds have air conditioning, all year round, sunny days and rainy days can come to play; two is the consumption of the upper limit, outdoor children's playground according to the project charge, ranging from a few dollars to dozens of dollars, if the children play a few more, two or three hundred dollars spent out, and this comprehensive indoor children's playground as long as out of a ticket money, all amusement projects can play; three is some early childhood institutions will be joint activities with the indoor children's playground, the organization of children together to learn to play, can let the children play in the development of intelligence, improve the social skills of children's auxiliary role.

Children's business has gradually become the darling of shopping centers and department stores, and its "one child drives the whole family" feature can bring considerable popularity and associated consumption. In a children's activity center, children are playing and most parents will stroll around the mall during the waiting time, and the children's business has become a "standard" in shopping centers and department stores.

All of the company's indoor playground equipment.

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