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What is fitness trampoline?

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Mini trampoline exercises ("bounce" to the experienced) provide excellent total body training. They will target your lower back, quads, cords, glutes, calves and core, while also getting your heart rate up and pumping to combat cardiovascular disease.

A new study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) finds that bouncing on a mini trampoline for less than 20 minutes is just as good for you as running, but feels better and is a lot more fun.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of mini trampoline:

(1) What is fitness trampoline?

(2) Advantages of the fitness trampoline

(3) Conclusion


(1) What is fitness trampoline?

If you're bored with cardio at home, maybe it's time to add one of these small fitness trampolines to your home gym.

Kids bouncing around the backyard shouldn't have all the fun - trampolines are useful for adult adults who want to work on their cardio at home. It doesn't take long to jump on an exercise trampoline to raise your heart rate, and there's no denying that a jump in the air is more than a jump from the ground. There's a reason people head to indoor trampoline parks in their free time.

If you've always wanted to add some cardio equipment to your home gym, but you live in a small space, then a mini trampoline is the ideal choice. Consider how much space you can take up on a treadmill. Many exercise trampolines even fold up, so they can be tucked neatly into a closet or under a bed. If you think it clashes with your decor, there's no need to keep it.

In fact, the whole fun isn't as much about the workout. An American Council on Exercise (ACE) study found that women burned an average of 9.4 calories per minute while jumping on a small fitness trampoline, which is equivalent to running 5 miles per hour on flat ground. Study participants who took part in trampoline jumping reported a lower rate of perceived exertion (RPE) than the typical rate for that level of activity, possibly because jumping is easy to feel fun, making jumping easy.

Plus, trampoline training may be easier on your body than a strenuous workout on the ground. "Trampoline classes are the perfect workout for people with lower body problems such as ankle, knee, hip, or low back pain," Pete McCall, CSCS, for exercise physiologist of the American Council on Exercise, previously said this. "The elasticity of the trampoline allows the body to move without the additional stress of ground reaction forces."


(2) Advantages of the fitness trampoline

What are the benefits of mini-trampoline exercise? The real draw, especially for those who are injured (or in the downstairs neighborhood), is that the mini-trampoline absorbs the effects of human movement on the surface.

Can mini-trampoline exercise help you lose weight? If that's your goal, yes, provided you maintain a healthy diet and monitor your daily energy expenditure.

Dr. Farrell says, "On a harder surface, that effect spreads to your legs." That means all the endorphins of the heart, no shin splints or knee pain.

According to BOUNCE founder and trainer Kimberlee Perry, the trampoline mattress absorbs more than 80 percent of the impact of landing. She says, "It's also very beneficial internally, helping to build bone density and improve lymphatic flow, which flushes viruses, toxins, bacteria, waste and dead cells from the body."

Most importantly, trampolining can help.

Improve cardiovascular health

Improve coordination and balance

Improve body composition

Lower blood pressure

Improve lower body strength

Build better bone health


(3) Conclusion

If you are interested in trampolines or indoor playgrounds and want to experience fitness trampoline happiness anytime and anywhere, why not choose our fitness trampoline. Contact us for more information.



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