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What is indoor trampoline park?

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With the development of the market, many people will consider entering the trampoline park industry. There are more recreational facilities in large and medium-sized trampoline parks. At the same time, trampoline parks are also divided into indoor trampoline parks and outdoor trampoline parks. In this article, I will introduce the indoor trampoline park to some extent, and I hope it will be helpful.

l What is indoor trampoline park?

l The company has all the trampoline park equipment.

What is indoor trampoline park?

Trampoline, a kind of gymnastics, known as "air ballet", was introduced from abroad, known since the 2008 Olympic Games, and became popular in China from 2014, and then spread with crazy speed to every city in the world. Instantly go back to the childhood era.

Trampoline, is a large trampoline from the traditional combination of a single small trampoline, which contains only the ordinary trampoline project area, the scale is simple, after several years of research and development, gradually increased in the project of different functions. Now the trampoline function is diversified, can be based on a specific theme of creativity, the use of modern science and technology and multi-level activities set up way, to create a set of many entertainment activities, leisure elements and service reception facilities in one, in order to meet the diversified leisure and entertainment needs of players and choose to build a creative way of activity of the amusement project - -trampoline park.

Trampoline park can be said to be a relatively large area of the project, can contain a lot of projects, free bouncing area, dodge ball area, professional trampoline area, running wall area, fancy dunking area, confrontation ball room, ninja breakout area, rock climbing + sponge pool area, spider wall area, soccer area, etc. These can be designed in the trampoline park, even the recently launched, very hot projects: volcano climbing, devil slide, dry snow, colorful sliding grass can also be, only if you site high enough.

In addition, you can place your own design logo on the trampoline park, you can also decorate some accessories in the park (some decorations that can glow in the dark), the walls can also be decorated, graffiti, show the theme, create their own trampoline park image, to create their own unique trampoline brand, to give the players who come to spend an unforgettable impression.

Although indoor trampoline parks are all about sports, we can still combine sports and entertainment with each other. This can make our venues are loved by more consumers, especially the trampoline equipment. The indoor trampoline park is recognized by the market precisely because it can effectively exercise and promote fitness while playing. It not only burns energy in the game, but also loses weight and, most importantly, improves physical fitness during jumping.

All the trampoline park equipment of the company.

The company (Zhejiang Tuoqi play) has more amusement equipment, such as: family playground, indoor playground, outdoor playground, trampoline park, outdoor fitness equipment, children's inflatable toys, etc.. Among them, trampoline park includes: large trampoline park, medium-sized trampoline park, ninja warrior, etc.

If you are interested in our trampoline park and Indoor Playground equipment, you can visit our company to have a look at our products. If there is outdoor playground equipment that meets your requirements, you can take it home and we will provide you with the best products and services. We wish you well in your work and good health.

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