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What is indoor trampoline used for?

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The trampoline park is divided into indoor trampoline park and outdoor trampoline park. Many people know what the outdoor trampoline park is for, but the indoor trampoline park rarely appears in people's field of vision, so in this article, the use of the indoor trampoline park will be introduced.

l What is indoor trampoline used for?

l The company has all the trampoline park equipment.

What is indoor trampoline used for?

1. Oxygen supplement effect

Indoor trampoline is a good aerobic exercise. Trampoline exercise can promote blood circulation and enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood. In turn, improve the body's immune system.

2. Prevention and reduction of obesity

Trampoline 10 minutes = jogging half an hour.

Compared with jogging and other aerobic exercise, trampoline exercise can consume more of your calories. Effective jumping ten minutes is equivalent to jogging half an hour of calorie consumption. Electric sound of the bar invites you to bounce a health bed, burn burn your calories!

3. Release stress

Indoor trampoline exercise is a very stress-relieving exercise. The human body jumping upward will make people forget themselves, the feeling of weightlessness can make the body and mind more concentrated, forget about unpleasant things, if the work pressure is relatively large, you must come to experience a, trampoline bed to reduce stress!

4. Disease prevention

Large trampoline jumping exercise can promote the circulation of blood, lymphatic fluid and various body fluids throughout the body, thereby enhancing cardiorespiratory function, balancing blood pressure, improving body coordination, and of course, help sleep.

Regular bouncing can help tone the body, especially the stomach, back and legs.

5. Improve the flexibility and balance of the body.

Known as the "air ballet" trampoline sports, can enhance the strength of the body's core muscle groups, especially the legs and abdominal muscles to exercise, but also to improve your flexibility and balance.

6. Indoor trampoline sports help to increase height

Trampoline sports can enhance the function of the child's body organ systems and make the child physically fit. At the same time, trampoline sports play a mechanical stimulation role on the bones. Therefore, it can accelerate the growth of bones and make the child's height increase accordingly.

7. Indoor trampoline sports have a good effect on the prevention of respiratory diseases

Trampoline exercise can promote children's cardiopulmonary function, so that blood circulation is accelerated, metabolism is strengthened, the heart muscle is developed, and the contraction force is strengthened. During the trampoline exercise, the child enhances the function of respiratory organs, which has a good effect on preventing common respiratory diseases.

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