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TAKI will provide the integrate solutions for amusement equipment,providing the customized design and service for customer based on different budget. Our service though all your whole project.

What is outdoor fitness equipment?

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Research shows that exercising in an outdoor environment not only increases the duration of the exercise but also increases the likelihood that the behavior will be repeated. A fitness destination with no wall restrictions or gym membership fees will change the way your community works out. We provide perfect outdoor fitness equipment for corporate centers, municipalities, apartment buildings, community parks, senior living centers, etc.


lWhat is outdoor fitness equipment?

lWhat can the outdoor fitness equipment bring for us?


What is outdoor fitness equipment?

The GYM sports equipment is a series of outdoor fitness equipment products, which is close to healthy in the eyes of those who want to maintain their daily life activities and enjoy outdoor activities at the same time. A unique feature of the series reflects the significance of comfortable seats. On account of those large seats, handles, and extra padding so that our equipment provides the best comfort and support. To give you peace of mind, the series offers armrests and support bars that have textured handles to increase support and help build your confidence. Our step surface increases the coefficient of static friction, reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls.  Provides multiple assistance options, allowing caregivers and medical assistants to monitor progress and safety so that it is safer for you to use the outdoor fitness equipment.


What can the outdoor fitness equipment bring for us?

Our outdoor fitness equipment is ideal for teenagers, adults, and seniors. Outdoor sports equipment offers a number of benefits for users of all abilities, including:


① A healthy body: Today, people are more aware than ever of the dangers of obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. These risk factors are associated with a variety of chronic and even life-threatening conditions, including cardiovascular disease and depression.


② Community participation: Fitness is more fun when other people are involved. Outdoor fitness equipment provides a social environment for those who are passionate about health and wellness to meet people with similar interests in the community.


③ Environmental aesthetics: Our outdoor fitness equipment provides equipment solutions that are not only practical but also beautiful and environmentally friendly! These designs add a modern element to any landscape while maintaining a minimal impact. They require no electricity and very little manpower to maintain.


④ Merchantability: Outdoor fitness equipment is a value-added amenity that allows your organization to market to seniors and millennials. With more than 50% of the population preferring to exercise outdoors, gym sports equipment is an investment in your customer base. You can even increase your revenue stream by adding trainers or courses.


Taki Playground Equipment Co., Ltd. is renowned at home and abroad as a provider of integrated solutions for recreation equipment. They provide customers with comprehensive solutions for the indoor and outdoor recreation industry from planning, design, research and development, manufacturing, construction, operation, and after-sales service. Safety, quality, service, innovation and bring the best entertainment experience to the players are our core values. The quality products that have been certified and tested are designed and manufactured by their professional team to bring a very creative integrated overall solution. Efficient, attentive service, so that you are full of confidence in the stability and reliability of each link, and obtained win-win cooperation.

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