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What is outdoor playset?

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In summer, many people like to go to outdoor playgrounds to play, many parents will take their children to outdoor playgrounds, but many people do not know what outdoor amusement equipment, so in this article, you will learn about outdoor amusement equipment what is it.

What is outdoor playset?

The company offers outdoor playground equipment.

What is outdoor playset?

Outdoor playground equipment, also known as outdoor play equipment, is mainly classified according to its structure and sporting form. According to the current variety of kiddie rides and children's play equipment, in addition to the traditional horse rides, rockers, coin-operated rides, scooters, gyroscopes, flying towers, racing cars, self-controlled aircraft, observation cars, mini trains, elevated coaches, water rides, bumper cars, battery cars, physical games, bungee jumps, slide classifications, aerial zip lines, etc., as well as the unpowered facilities that have been so hot in the last year or two. They are recognised by customers for their diverse play styles, sophistication, high safety, low maintenance, low cost, exercise of children's physical strength and courage, parent-child bonding, and learning advantages. Let's take a look at the outdoor play equipment.

The main types of outdoor play equipment

1. Carousel equipment

Structural movement characteristics: the cockpit is mounted on a rotating disk or support arm and rotates around a vertical or inclined axis, or swings slightly as it rotates around the vertical axis. There are small oscillating rides that rotate around the vertical axis, for example: the Aero Spacecraft, the Large Green Worm and the Large Apple Machine.

2.Skateboard type equipment structure movement characteristics: the vehicle itself has no power, through the lifting device to a certain height after lifting, inertia along the track; or the vehicle itself has power and run on the undulating track. Such as: roller coaster, crazy mouse, sliding dragon, rapids, half moon board, mining car, etc.

3. Gyroscopic devices

Structural movement characteristics: The cockpit rotates around a variable angle axis.

Most spindles are mounted on a boom that can be raised and lowered. Examples: gyroscope, double fly, brave carousel, flying arm, football, etc.

The company provides outdoor playground equipment.

Our company (Zhejiang Tuoqi Playground Equipment) can provide you with the different amusement park facilities you need. For example: family playground equipment, indoor playground equipment, trampoline park equipment, outdoor playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, inflatable toys for children and other amusement facilities. Among the outdoor playground equipment, there are mainly: forest series outdoor playground equipment, castle series outdoor playground equipment, villa series outdoor playground equipment, garden series outdoor playground equipment, space series outdoor playground equipment, fable series outdoor playground equipment, pirate ship series outdoor playground equipment, animal world series outdoor playground equipment and many other outdoor playground equipment.

If you are interested in our outdoor playground and Indoor Playground equipment, you can visit our company to have a look at our products. If there is outdoor playground equipment that meets your requirements, you can take it home and we will provide you with the best products and services. We wish you well in your work and good health.

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