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Where are indoor playgrounds often located?

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For a commercial indoor playground, just like any other type of business, you can't overemphasize the importance of location. Find a good place and you're half done. The following ideas and suggestions are based on our more than ten years of work experience with indoor playground owners all over the world, but since there are no two companies that are exactly the same, and the market environment in each country is different, you should use these suggestions As a general rule, make your judgement based on your own market research. There may be several different locations for indoor playgrounds, let's take a look at each.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

In a shopping center or a shopping mall

Shopping area or street

Within or near a community

Park or town square

Resort or tourist destinations

1. In a shopping center or a shopping mall

This could be the location of more than half of successful indoor playground choices, especially in big cities. The reason is simple, shopping malls usually provide higher traffic than any other type of location, especially in developing countries where shopping malls are scarce and attract more customers. Combined with other advantages, such as innovative gaming devices and a nice theme, a location with high traffic flow will help you capture the market storm.In addition to heavy traffic, the indoor playground of the shopping mall has other benefits, such as:

High exposure rate;

Shopping malls carry out coordinated advertising and promotion activities, which are usually much more effective than individual merchants;

The biggest disadvantage of being located in a shopping mall is that rents are usually the highest.

2. Shopping area or street

Unlike large centralized shopping malls, indoor playgrounds can also be used on separate grounds in shopping areas of towns or regions.

Rents in these areas are usually cheaper than rents in shopping malls, but they usually still have good traffic.

For indoor playgrounds located on shopping streets, it is important to choose your neighbors wisely. Similarly, other kids-related services and businesses near the location are always good, and nearby are also kids' favorite restaurants such as McDonald's and Pizza Hut , Or nearby high-traffic business, home visits are usually like Wall Mart.

3. Within or near a community

The indoor playground can also be located in a community's shopping area or activity center, in which case the main customer group it serves will be children living in this and nearby communities.

Such indoor playgrounds are usually smaller in size and therefore require less investment and much lower rents. Although your customer base does not match the game center in the mall, but because you are closer to your customers, they may visit your game center more often, which will also bring a good business.

The best location for a community indoor game center is nearby convenient and heavily trafficked places such as a local grocery store, a swimming pool, a popular gym, or nearby kindergartens and kindergartens.

Because your customers will be children of the local community, having a reputation for high-quality gaming equipment and providing good service will be paramount.

4. Park or town square

Some companies choose to set up their indoor playgrounds or home entertainment centers in parks or town squares, where local residents relax.

Because park managers welcome such family-friendly entertainment, you can rent a large space in the park at a relatively low rent. In addition, since there are already families playing in the park, it is easy for parents to pay for their children to play in your indoor playground center.

Because the area is usually not like other types of constraint locations, you will have more choices in planning the play center. Parks and vast areas are not a problem.

5. Resort or tourist destinations

Certain resorts and destinations can also be great places to open indoor playground centers, but keep in mind that you should complement and collaborate with major attractions, not try to compete with them.

The key to building a successful indoor playground in such a location is to identify and meet unmet market needs. For example, the resort may provide a large number of entertainment activities for adults and school-age children, but there are not many entertainment activities suitable for young children, then the establishment of a toddler game center featuring cute soft games, interactive soft games and game panels may A good idea.

In resorts and tourist resorts, novel game activities like fun ball blaster playground are also effective, and vacationers like to experience something new and exciting.

Choosing a good location is an important step in starting an indoor playground business including Ball Pit, Playhouse, and it's worth spending time on it. However, just like anything in life, there is no "perfect" business location, and once you see a location that fits your goals and budget, you should make a decision quickly before someone else makes a decision.

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