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How to maintain indoor soft playground?

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As soft playgrounds enter China, various places will provide soft playgrounds for parents and children. In this article, we will introduce how to maintain the indoor soft playground.

l How to maintain indoor soft playground?

l The company has all the indoor playground equipment.

How to maintain indoor soft playground?

Timely cleaning

1, found children urine, stool, vomit, saliva, etc., should promptly clean up the spoils, and use disinfectant water to clean disinfection, use a clean wet rag to clean up the residual disinfectant water, and finally use a dry rag to dry the water stains, so as not to slip. Love Doodle Play suggests that before children under 1 and a half years old enter the children's playground, operators should try to ask parents to put on diapers for their children.  

2, found snack crumbs, fruit skin confetti, etc., should be promptly cleaned.

Routine cleaning

Routine cleaning should be free of dust, garbage and stains.

1、Cleaning the garbage in and around the playground with a broom.

2、Wipe the dust and stains on the play apparatus with a wet rag.  

3、For stubborn stains, you can pour a little cleaner on the wet rag to wipe, and then clean with water.

Disinfection cleaning

every 3 days for a full-field cleaning and disinfection, with disinfectant water to clean all the equipment in the field.

These are only countermeasures, to solve the problem at the source, the operator can be placed in the entrance of the children's playground location on the civilized play related regulations of the easy to pull the treasure, parents and children's bad behavior to restrain. In addition, operators should also regularly open windows to keep indoor air circulation.

Specific cleaning are.

Ocean ball

The ocean ball is the most common amusement equipment in indoor children's playgrounds, and because it is loved by children, it is also the most easily dirty amusement equipment among many amusement equipment. For indoor children's playground operators, the cleaning of a large number of ocean balls is not an easy task.

If the number of ocean balls is not particularly large, we can use soap and water, washing powder, disinfectant and other diluted soak, scrub with a soft cloth, and then rinse clean with water. Finally, use a dry cloth to dry.

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