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What are interactive games?

  • Definition

    With visual algorithm technology and motion identification technology as the core, combine with technology research and development, scene application and game content development, and integrate the amusement equipment, sports and fitness equipment, to achieve intelligent data, network, entertainment,and create a set of interactive sports products include amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness.

  • Characteristics

    1、Interactive entertainment


    2、Intelligence fitness


    3、Puzzle sports


    4、Competitive challenge  


    5、Social convenience

  • Interactive Projects

    1、Simulated bowling

    2、Simulated golf

    3、Simulated shooting

    4、Simulation billiards

    5、Simulation curling

    6、Simulation squash

    7、Other Interactive Projects

Different types of interactive games

Magic Ball
Magic Ball

Magic Ball


Magic Ball is a multi-dimensional virtual scene interactive physical therapy system in our interactive games. It uses a 0.75m diameter stability ball as input medium. By touching the rotating sphere, it connects the real world and the virtual world in the most intuitive way and controls the movement of the virtual characters.It stimulates the brain, arms,shoulder, and torso muscles and trains the motion-motor chain at the same time, making the target fun.


Applicable Groups: Kids and Adults


Interactive football game


By motion capture devices capture of target image, and then analysis by the image by analysis system, so to capture motion of the object, this motion data combine the real-time video interactive system, to make interaction effects between the participants and screens closely combine, unreal light combined with realistic game scenes, bring children infinite fantasy world. The Interactive football is a interactive game for kids.


Applicable Groups: Kids and Adults


Interactive football game
Interactive football game
Interactive Archery game
Interactive Archery game
Interactive Archery game
Interactive Archery game

Interactive Archery game

 Interactive Archery game is one of our interactive games for children. Using large screen projection equipment, created a set of sports and leisure entertainment game in a new archery interactive game device.


Applicable Groups: Kids and Adults


Precautions for interactive games

The projector is very bright, please avoid looking directly at the projector lens
How to install interactive game facilities?
Why choose our interactive game?

  • Sense Of Worth

    Safety, high quality and compatitive price of interactive games for adults, great value for every penny you spend.

  • High Quality
    Our high-quality interactive games for students certificated by ASTM,TUV-GS and CE.
  • Professional Design
    As a professional interactive game manufacturer, our designer team will provide a creative integrated solutions.
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